Innovation Update Matching Gift

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We are very pleased to share that the Museum of Aviation Foundation has just received a $50,000 Matching Grant from the Honorable Sam Nunn and an anonymous donor to fund a sorely needed undertaking we’re calling Innovation Update. The project will vastly improve the Visitor experience by utilizing smart technology at each exhibit.

The goals of the Innovation Update are to:

  • Invest in LED free-standing digital displays with sophisticated storytelling capabilities to connect the Visitor to the exhibit. The displays can be efficiently and economically updated/changed.
  • Include curated portals to connect the Visitor to an enhanced experience, e.g., accessing footage of aircraft in action; add biographical information and first-hand accounts from pilot or crew members; offer 360-degree tours of the interior of an aircraft, and more.
  • Apply STEM education connections to aircraft construct and missions.
  • Connect the Visitor far beyond the walls of the Museum for a superior multifaceted and innovative experience.
  • Upgrade and standardize each exhibit label that enhances the traditional visitor experience.

To secure the $50,000 Matching Grant funds, we must raise an additional $50,000. That is why we’re asking Museum champions like you. We know you “get it.” The Museum is a phenomenal resource to the region, and we can’t miss this funding opportunity to get even better. We respectfully request your support to help us achieve this Matching Grant quickly.

Our Museum turns 40 years next year. With your help, we can ensure it is poised to preserve, inspire, educate, and engage our community and the entire Southeast region for the next 40+ years.

Thank you for your consideration. Please contact Kate Zidek, Director of Engagement & Fund Development, with questions or for more information: or 478-926-2791.