God Is My Co-Pilot Talking Book

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Read, Written, Recorded And Lived by Brigadier General Robert L. Scott Jr.

Greatest of all the pursuit men, says Life Magazine. was their commander, Colonel Robert Scott. He has a thick southern accent that gets smoky with suppressed excitement when he is angry. He is full of jokes and stories and flourishes, Even in the way he flies his plane. He is the lone-wolf type of pilot-likes to get out in his own and shoot up the field or break away from formation and head after that Zero in the corner which seems to be slipping away. His mean are crazy about him.

His story, says General Chennault in his Foreword, is a record of persistence, determination, and courage from early boyhood. Scott's education in flying included a dramatic experience that lingers in the memory of millions of readers- the savage winter of 1934 when the army took over and many army pilots died learning how to fly the mails. Scott passed safely through that ordeal, just as, since then, he has lived through enough danger to pack the lifetimes of a hundred men. He tells of his adventures simply and honestly piloting a Flying Fortress across the Atlantic through equatorial storms and celestial navigation that went wrong; fighting the Japanese virtually single-handed over Burma, when he was called a one-man air force; battling in the skies of China as commander of fighter-pilots in General Chennault's China Air Tack Force.