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On October 19, 1940, the predecessor command to the Sixth Air Force was first constituted as Panama Canal Air Force, which was activated in the Canal Zone on November 20, 1940. It was re-designated the Caribbean Air Force on August 5, 1941, as 6th Air Force on February 5, 1942, and as Sixth Air Force on September 18, 1942. It served primarily in defense of the Panama Canal and also engaged in antisubmarine operations.

COMMANDS: VI Bomber: 1941-1946. VI Fighter: 1941-1942. XXVI Fighter 1942 - 1946. XXXVI Fighter: 1942.

STATIONS: Albrook Field, Canal Zone , November 20, 1940 - end.

COMMANDERS: Maj. Gen. Frank M. Andrews, December 6, 1940; Maj. Gen. Davenport Johnson, September 19, 1941; Maj. Gen. Hubert R. Harmon, November 23, 1942; Brig. Gen. Ralph H. Wooten, November 8, 1943; Brig. Gen. Edgar P. Sorensen, May 16, 1944; Maj. Gen. William O. Butler, September 21, 1944; "!3rig. Gen. Earl H. De Ford, July 24, 1945 - end.

CAMPAIGNS: Antisubmarine, American Theater.


INSIGNE: On a blue hexagon, a white star charged with a red disc partially over a pair of golden orange wings below a galleon in full sail, golden orange. (Approved July 16, 1943.)

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