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Seventh Air Force was constituted as the Hawaiian Air Force on October 19, 1940, and activated in Hawaii on November 1, 1940. It was re-designated 7th Air Force on February 5, 1942, and as Seventh Air Force on September 18, 1942. It provided air defense for the Hawaiian Islands and, after mid-1943, served in combat in the central and western Pacific areas.

COMMANDS: VII Bomber: 1942 - 1946. VII Fighter: 1942 - 1945. STATIONS. Ft. Shafter, Territory of Hawaii, November I, 1940; Hickam Field, Territory of Hawaii, c. July 12, 1941; Saipan, December 13, 1944; Okinawa, July 14, 1945 - end.

COMMANDERS: Maj. Gen. Frederick L. Martin, November 2, 1940; Maj. Gen. Clarence L. Tinker, December 18, 1941; Brig. Gen. Howard C. Davidson, June 9, 1942; Maj. Gen. Willis H. Hale, June 20, 1942; Maj. Gen. Robert W. Douglass Jr., April 15, 1944; Maj. Gen. Thomas D. White, June 23, 1945 - end.

CAMPAIGNS: Central, Pacific; Air Offensive, Japan; Eastern Mandates; Western Pacific; Ryukyus; China Offensive.


INSIGNE: On a blue disc a golden orange Arabic numeral "7" enfiled in base by a white five-pointed star charged with a red disc, in perspective, all within a golden orange border. (Approved May 21, 1943.)