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One of the original four numbered air forces, this organization was "constituted as Northeast Air District on October 19, 1940, Activated on December 18, 1940, it was re-designated 1st Air Force on April 9, 1941, and First Air Force on September 18, 1942. On September 17, 1943, it was assigned to the Army Air Forces. It trained new organizations and, later, replacements for combat units. Another of its assigned missions until the end of 1943 was the air defense of the eastern United States.

COMMANDS: I Bomber (later assigned to Second AF and re-designated XX Bomber Command): 1941-1942. Bomber (Antisubmarine Command prior to assignment to First AF): 1943- 1946. I Fighter: 1941 - 1946. I Ground Air Support: 1941 - 1942.

STATIONS: Mitchel Field, New York; December 18, 1940; Ft. Slocom, New York, June 3, 1946. COMMANDERS: Maj. Gen. James E. Chaney, December 18, 1940; Brig. Gen. Arnold N. Krogstad, May 15, 1941 (temporary); Maj. Gen. Herbert A. Dargue, June 24, 1941; Brig. Gen. Arnold N. Krogstad, December 10, 1941; Brig. Gen. John K. Cannon, March 4,1942 (temporary) Maj. Gen. Follett Bradley, March 5, 1942; Maj. Gen. James E. Chaney, July 23, 1942; Maj. GeD. Ralph Royce, April 18, 1943; Brig. Gen. Westside T. Larson (temporary); Brig. Gen. Glenn O. Barcus, September 10, 1943 (temporary); Maj. Gen. Frank O'D. Hunter, September 17, 1943 - end.

CAMPAIGNS: American Theater.


INSIGNE: A white star charged with a red disc in the center and with golden orange stylized wings below the Arabic number "1" in white, all on a blue disc. (Approved January 18, 1944.)

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